Week 11: Models for Publishing and Sharing Digital Humanities Work

I hope our last two class workshops have been useful as you consider how you will share your final projects with the world, and perhaps they’ve even helped you think about how to approach the tutorials you’ll write for the Documented Exploration assignment. I’ve adjusted a few dates and deadlines on our course calendar to give you more time for these projects, so please take a look at where we’re headed and pace yourselves accordingly. (For instance, you need to have a draft of your Documented Exploration tutorial by Tuesday, November 10.)

During Week 11, we’ll have our last big reading day of the semester (we may tackle a few shorter readings in the coming weeks), then talk about the nuts and bolts of online publishing. Here’s what you need to do to prepare:

  • On Tuesday, Kayla and Jenna will lead us through Part III of Between Humanities and the Digital. Please focus your attention on the following chapters: 26 (Kirschenbaum), 27 (Nowviskie), 28 (Earhart), 31 (Losh), 33 (Fitzpatrick), and 35 (McPherson).
  • On Thursday, our workshop will focus on the final piece of the web design puzzle: putting your content online. You may want to review some of the resources on my HTML & CSS for Beginners site before you come to class, and you should also create an account on Medium. (If you’re new to the site, the easiest way to get started is to create your account using your Twitter credentials.)

Finally, another reminder about keeping yourself on track during the final weeks of the semester: If you’d like to stop by my office to discuss your individual projects at any point along the way, I’d welcome those conversations. Please don’t let yourself fall behind!