Week 2: Tracing the History of Writing; Joining the Digital Humanities Conversation

Thanks for two great days of conversation this week. I can already tell we’re going to have a very engaging semester. I promise I’ll do a little less talking and a little more listening from this point on, and I hope you’ll call me out if I forget about that commitment.

During Week 2, we’ll dive in to our first book, confirm your subjects for the first assignment, and conduct our first workshop. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll be doing each day:

  • On Tuesday, be ready to discuss the Introduction and pp. 1–78 (through “Poetry”) in Does Writing Have a Future?. Zak and Abbey will serve as our discussion leaders for the day. In addition, please take some time this weekend to familiarize yourself with a variety of possible projects for our first assignment and come to class with a ranked list of three projects you’d like to analyze. (I’d like to make sure that everyone is analyzing a different project, so the rankings might matter.) We’ll compare lists and finalize those assignments in class.
  • On Thursday, we’ll hold a workshop designed to help you establish a personal system for following the many ongoing conversations surrounding the digital humanities. For this workshop, it will be helpful if you’re using your own computer, so bring your laptop unless you absolutely can’t. And if you’re new to Twitter this semester, it’s important that you create your Twitter account before the workshop.

If you have any questions about these plans, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll see you in class on Tuesday. Happy reading!