Week 7: More Macroanalysis, Plus a Publishing Workshop

We’re at a busy point in the semester, with our Collaborative Class Project well underway, and our two final assignments—the Documented Exploration of a DH Tool and the Individual Final Project—right around the corner. I hope you’ll spend some time this weekend thinking about those projects and how you might be able to connect them. Next week, I’ll meet with each of you for 20 minutes to discuss your early plans for these assignments. (Please sign up for an appointment ASAP.)

During class next week, we’ll return to Macroananlysis and make some headway on our class project. Here’s a quick review of our plans:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll review Chapters 6 and 7 of Macroanalysis (pp. 63–117), with Kristin and Joel serving as our discussion leaders. If time permits, we’ll also talk a little more about the Individual Final Project (in preparation for your conferences with me), and I’ll introduce you to the administrative interface for Omeka, which powers our Gray Jacket site.
  • We’ll spend the full class period on Thursday working in Omeka to build The Gray Jacket, so please come to class ready to work. You and your partner should have scanned, OCRed, and created individual text files for each item in your assigned issue, and (ideally) checked and double-checked your text for errors. If all of us have reached this point by Thursday, we’ll be able to focus on adding metadata and publishing in Omeka.

Questions? Concerns? Just let me know.