Week 8: Wrapping Up Macroanalysis and a Second Gray Jacket Workshop

I’ve really enjoyed meeting with each of you this week to discuss ideas for your Individual Final Project and the Documented Exploration of a DH Tool assignment. As you refine your plans and work on your MOU for the final project, please let me know if another conversation would be helpful — I’m always happy to chat.

Our Gray Jacket workshop yesterday seemed to go smoothly, and I hope your work on that project continues apace during the coming week. If you run into any problems with the website, let me know ASAP, and remember to use our shared Style Guide to refine the process for adding new items to the collection.

My travel plans for later in the month have shifted, so I’ve adjusted our course calendar to give us an extra Gray Jacket workshop day. Here’s how Week 8 will proceed:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll conclude our discussion of Macroanalysis, with Peter and Lee leading the conversation. Please read Chapters 8–10 (pp. 118–75) and come to class ready to discuss a few specific charts/graphs that you found interesting in these chapters.
  • On Thursday, we’ll spend the entire class session in a second workshop for The Gray Jacket. By this point, you and your partner should be finished transcribing and editing all of your text files, which will allow us to spend the workshop building the site and fine-tuning our metadata. Thursday is also the deadline for your Individual Final Project MOU, so please make sure that document is located in your shared Google Drive folder before you come to class.

As always, let me know if you have any questions about these plans, or if I can do anything to help you with your Gray Jacket work or your individual projects.