Week 13: Workshop Extravaganza! Scalar, Hypothesis, and a Peer Critique Session

Week 12 marked our final day of reading discussions, so from this point on, we’ll be in workshop mode until we enjoy your final presentations during our last two class sessions. You’re almost done with the Documented Exploration of a DH Tool project, so be sure to give that assignment the attention it needs this weekend. Next week, we’ll conduct two different kinds of workshops; here’s a quick overview of our plans:

  • On Tuesday, Amanda French from University Libraries will join us to lead a workshop on two DH tools we haven’t explored yet: Scalar and Hypothesis. In preparation for the workshop, please create accounts on both sites and email me your Hypothesis username before we meet. Also, please remember that Tuesday is the deadline for your Documented Exploration project. To submit your tutorial, follow the instructions on the assignment page.
  • On Thursday, we’ll hold an Individual Project peer critique workshop. I know most of you are still in the early stages of completing this project, but please come to class ready to show what you’ve done on one of the lab computers and talk through your project with your classmates. If you have a written component you would like us to review, please feel free to bring that, too.

Questions? Concerns about your individual project? Come see me during office hours (slightly adjusted this week: Wednesday 9–12 and Thursday 2–5) or email me.