Week 15 and Finals Week: Individual Project Presentations and Wrapping Up the Semester

I can’t believe how quickly this semester has flown by! We’re almost at the end, and I hope you feel the same sense of satisfaction I feel about the work you’ve done this semester. I’ve been incredibly impressed by your collegiality, your willingness to push yourselves out of your comfort zones, and the projects you’ve created.

Speaking of projects, your individual projects should be almost ready to share with the world. I know the end of the semester is always stressful, but I encourage you to finish it on a high note. Here are the last few tasks and deadlines you need to complete:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll enjoy the rest of your project presentations, then complete course evaluations. The SPOT survey is important, but I’m especially interested in getting your feedback about how I could improve this course in the future, so please be ready to share a few ideas to might help.
  • Because you’ll be submitting your final projects online, we will not hold a formal final exam. Just remember to submit your final project no later than Thursday, December 17, at 1:05 p.m. (our university-appointed time for the final exam). Please review the instructions for submitting your memo of transmittal and make sure that your project is live and viewable on the web before the deadline.

And that’s it. Congratulations, you’re all certified digital humanists. Now go and build something amazing!