Week 5: More Musings on Textual Media; Kicking Off Our Class Project

Thanks for a great set of presentations today! I know they were rushed, but I hope they gave you a chance to learn more about what your classmates have been working on and perhaps discover a project or two you’d like to investigate more. (I’ll update the assignment description with links to all of the projects soon.) I’m looking forward to reading your analyses, and I’ll give each of you some feedback in Google Drive within the next week.

Now that our first project is behind us, we’re ready to try something new. Here’s the plan for Week 5:

  • On Tuesday, we’ll cover the second half of Comparative Textual Media (pp. 155–309), with Kristin and Jenna leading our discussion. As we discovered during our discussion this week, we probably won’t have enough time to thoroughly review every chapter, so please come to class ready to advocate for your favorite chapters. And let’s try a little harder to connect our discussion to the text itself by referencing specific passages whenever possible. After our discussion, I’ll briefly introduce the Collaborative Class Project in preparation for Thursday’s class session.
  • On Thursday, we will meet in the Library’s Special Collections (near the coffee shop on the first floor) to learn more about our collaborative project and receive some training on digitizing historical artifacts. Please do not come to our regular classroom; go directly to Special Collections at 12:30 p.m.

If you have any questions about our agenda, just let me know. Otherwise, I’ll see you in class on Tuesday. Enjoy your reading this weekend!