Week 10: Cross-Disciplinary Work in the Digital Humanities, Plus More HTML and CSS

Now that I’ve approved the MOUs for your final projects and you’ve selected tools for your Documented Exploration projects, you should be pacing yourselves to complete those two assignments by the deadlines listed on our course calendar. Expect to encounter the inevitable technological challenges that arise when doing DH work, and don’t hesitate to come see me when you get stuck or just need a second opinion on something you’re doing.

To give you ample time to work on these two projects, I’ll continue to scale back our reading assignments during the coming weeks. In Week 10, I’ve reduced the number of assigned pages by more than half, so let’s make sure that what we do read, we read thoroughly.

Here’s a quick overview of our plans for next week:

  • On Tuesday, Zak will lead our discussion through Part II of Between Humanities and the Digital. Please focus on the following chapters: 13 (Trettien), 15 (Montfort), 17 (Hjorth), 18 (Olofsson), 20 (Heng and Widner), and 23 (Phillips and Rachman).
  • On Thursday, we will pick up where we left off with our HTML and CSS workshop. Please make sure you have access to the files you created and modified during Week 9.

Questions? Concerns? Just let me know.