Week 9: The Beginning of the End

I know we’re only at the midpoint of the semester, but in many ways, Week 9 marks the “beginning of the end” of the semester. From this point on, all of your individual work should build toward your final project, and our class workshops will be designed to help you develop the skills you need to publish that project online. We won’t spend any more time in class working on The Gray Jacket, but I’ve extended the deadline for that project to October 22nd, so you and your partner can finish your assigned issue to your satisfaction.

Here are a few reminders about deadlines and where we’re headed during Week 9:

  • Your MOU for the Individual Final Project should be in your shared Google Drive folder before you go to bed on Sunday night. I’ll review these memos on Monday and try to approve all of them before we meet on Tuesday. Please be sure to include any questions you have for me in the memo so I can address them early on.
  • On Tuesday, we will begin discussing our next book, Between Humanities and the Digital, with Natalie and Abbey serving as our discussion leaders. We’ll be covering Part I of the book, but to make your reading assignment a little more manageable, I’d like for you to focus on the following chapters: 1 (Sterne), 2 (Liu and Thomas), 4 (Presner), 6 (Drucker), 8 (Cong-Huyen), 9 (Bogost), 10 (Davidson), and 12 (Goldberg). At 1:15, we’ll leave our classroom and walk to Newman Library for a panel discussion on “Data and Digitization for the Liberal Arts and Human Sciences,” part of this year’s Open Access Week. The event runs from 1:30–3:00 p.m., and I hope you’ll stick around for the entire thing, but if you have other obligations and need to leave early, I understand.
  • On Thursday, we will hold our first web design workshop, learning some basics of HTML and CSS. You don’t need to do anything to prepare for this workshop other than bring your laptop, but please remember that Thursday is the deadline for your Collaborative Class Project memo (this should be in your shared Google Drive), and the also the deadline for selecting a tool for the Documented Exploration assignment. [Update: When you get to class, please download the HTML workshop files.]

If you have any questions about wrapping up your Gray Jacket work or want to discuss options for your Documented Exploration assignment, please come see me during office hours on Tuesday or Wednesday.